Disable Skype click to call in chrome logo

I became annoyed with Skype’s click to call Chrome extension lately, not only because I never use it, but it feels very intrusive most times. The Skype Click and Call function highlights phone and contact numbers on webpages and emails, and a Skype call can be initiated by clicking the highlighted number. The situation got unbearable after a Skype upgrade, when Chrome started to freeze occasionally, obviously, the immediate suspect was Skype’s click to call function.

Disable Skype click to call in chrome greyed out

When I first turned to disable click to call in Chrome’s extension menu, to my surprise, the enable check box was checked and greyed out – No disabling possible. No matter how I played with Chrome, I couldn’t un-grey the enable check box, and it was impossible to disable the extension. Playing with Chrome, I realized this unnecessary extension and plug-in are taking up Chrome resources that have been ever climbing more and more. The solution had to be less conventional. As it turns out, click to call is an independent application and not merely a Skype chrome extension extending Skype’s functions.

Disable Skype click to call in chrome - tasks

So the easiest way to disable click to call is to uninstall it via Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs. Well, not always. In some cases, during the uninstall process, the installer requires the user to close all Chrome windows even when they are all closed and no Chrome processes are running. To resolve that, we will need to disable Chrome’s applications running in the background, as follows:

1. Open Chrome.
2. Go to settings and click “Show advanced settings”, if it’s not already open.
3. Scroll down to System section
4. Uncheck the Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed check box.
5. Exit chrome and make sure no Chrome process is running in the Task Manager.
6. Try to uninstall Skype click to call again.

Disable Skype click to call in chrome

Once click to call is uninstalled, open Chrome’s settings again and enable the Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed check box again – It enables some pretty useful apps.

I’m very disappointed (though not surprised) with Skype (Microsoft Skype Division) for this unsolicited stealth install of click to call.

If following this uninstall you wish to re-enable the click-to-call function in Chrome, download and install the Click and Call plugin again separately.