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Following up on yesterday’s post about various alternative RSS feed reading services to the shutting down Google Reader, it’s time to transfer all your feeds to the new service of your choice. If you didn’t choose a new service it’s high time to do so.

You can add all your feeds one by one – but that will be tedious and unnecessary. Instead, you can transfer them from Google Reader (before it’s officially dead) by exporting it. It sounds complicated, but it’s not.

  • Go to the Reader’s settings window.
  • Choose the Import/Export tab
  • Select the option to download data through Takeout. And press the Create Archive button
  • It will start building a file with all your feeds. Let the compression finish.
  • Once it’s finished building, download the resulting .zip file
  • Open up the ZIP file you just downloaded. You will find an .xml file inside.
  • Import the .xml file to the feed reader you decided to go with.

That’s it. You’re done!