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We’re all familiar with the mystery sounds spurting out of our speakers just at the wrong time. Frantically, we try to locate the offending origin before attracting the attention of the sleeping baby/manager/partner/zombies outside the door. Most times, it ends up being one of our browser’s tabs, after opening several links in new tab windows.

A new Chrome feature (Issue 12328027) may put an end to the heart attack inducing race to find the culprit. A feature being tried out in test versions of Chrome would place a visual indicator in each tab that is generating audio. It is already incorporated into the latest Chromium and Canary test builds for Chrome, giving it a decent shot of reaching the masses in the public Chrome releases.

The feature is largely intended to help Chrome keep track of tabs that are actively being used for playing or recording audio, mostly in the background.

There is no release date for this feature yet, but it is possible to follow up on the development. A short video presenting how the audio indicator should look like has been released as well.