Twist your media and make it accessible with DoubleTwist, check out the analog cellphone timeline, learn why Google wasn’t added to the Dow index, watch the evolution of car logos, memorize the conversion chart for dating and much more in today’s edition of the Daily Friction.

Software and Services

  • Twist your media and make it accessible – The man notorious for cracking the DVD code, and Apple’s FairPlay DRM, is looking to make a legitimate business out of his expertise. The first product from his company, DoubleTwist Ventures, will enter open beta. The software called DoubleTwist, which is a free desktop client that essentially allows any kind of music, photo, or video file to be shared between a long list of portable media players, and through Web-based social networks. You can download DoubleTwist right here


  • The Analog Cellphone Timeline – As of today, the analog cellphone is no more. Here’s the complete timeline of its development, since Greece in 490BC to February 18, 2008.


  • Why Google wasn’t added to the Dow index – Nothing against Bank of America and Chevron. Both are fine companies that will make splendid additions to the Dow Jones industrial average. But why did Google not make the cut? Here’s a clue: Look at the company’s gargantuan stock price.


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