Check out SanDisk’s 32 GB Solid-State drive, change you iPod’s hard drive with no hassle, read all about the next generation search from Google’s Matt Cutts interview, learn how to make your geek employees happy, discover the secret of CSS rendering in browsers, find many bargains and more in today’s edition of the Daily Friction.


  • SanDisk Launches 32 GB Solid-State drive – SanDisk has announced a new entry in its line-up of flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs), the SSD SATA 5000, a 32 GB 2.5-inch hard drive designed to function as a drop-in replacement for traditional 2.5-inch hard drives in notebooks and other computer systems.
  • Upgrading iPod Hard Drives – Here are all the technical details for replace an iPod hard drive. If you’ve never worked inside an iPod before, this is certainly an advanced tutorial, but don’t let that scare you. Working slowly and methodically, you too can upgrade your iPod and store even more music, photos, and videos.


  • Next-Generation Search with Matt Cutts – Matt Cutts is a well-known Google identity, who apparently gets mobbed by fans at SEO conferences. His Wikipedia page states that he co-invented one of the most well-known patent filings from Google, involving search engines and web spam. One note about the following interview: Google has a policy of not discussing competitors, so a few of the original questions had to be dropped or re-phrased.
  • 11 ways to optimize your Mac’s performance – a number of things you can do to encourage your Macs back to their youthful snappiness. Here are a few tips for restoring Macs to full speed without spending a penny.
  • A note to employers: 8 things intelligent people, geeks and nerds need to work happily – There are many reasons to let geeks work the way they want to work. Today they work in every industry. They are the knowledge base, blood and sweat equity of many businesses. They work harder than most. They work longer than most. Their job isn’t a separate “thing they do” while they look forward to going home and relaxing. Geeks *live* what they do. They eat, sleep and breathe it. They are your systems administrators, your IT team, your programmers, your web developers, your designers… and sometimes even your customer service and sales people.

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  • Why HTML renders differently in different browsers – “Why does my site look different in IE than in Firefox”? is a common question in CSS forums. This is a back to basics article to explain the fundamental reason why your site may look slightly different in various browsers.


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