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“created with”

I just seen it somewhere and had to check for myself. If you search for the term “created with” on Google, what comes first? …. Vim … The line editor I used to hate and now absolutely adore, like so many others. I created so many pages using Vim it’s uncountable.

The result for the term “powered by” was pretty expected as always it’s Apache. The second one is Blogger and all I can say to that is “hhhmmmmmmmmm……….“.

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  • Running a Quake2 server? You should know that multiple vulnerabilities have been found in the Quake2 engine, which can be exploited by malicious people to cause a DoS (Denial of Service), potentially execute arbitrary code, disclose sensitive information, conduct spoofing attacks, and corrupt server data for other clients.

    1) An input validation error when handling “Configstrings” and “Baselines” in the connection process can be exploited to cause the server to crash by sending a specially crafted request with a negative offset.
    2) A boundary error when parsing command packets can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow and potentially execute arbitrary code by sending a specially crafted UDP datagram.
    3) An input validation error when requesting missing files such as maps from a server running Windows can be exploited to download sensitive files by supplying a specially crafted path.
    4) An input validation error when requesting missing files from a server running Linux can be exploited to cause a server to exit by requesting a valid directory.
    5) An error in the handling of userinfo from the client can be exploited to spoof the client’s IP address by sending a specially crafted overly long userinfo, which gets truncated by the server.
    6) A design weakness can be exploited to cause a server to stop accepting new clients by continuously sending multiple join requests.

    The vulnerabilities have been reported in version 3.2.x of the released open source version. Other versions may also be affected.

    So far there is no new release with a fix for these bugs, therefore I would recommend running the server only within trusted networks.

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  • A PuTTY IPv6 “SSH2_MSG_DEBUG” packet handling buffer overflow vulnerability has been reported in PuTTY IPv6, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user’s system.

    Solution: Update to version 0.56.

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  • QuickTime Alternative

    When you need to play QuickTime file (.mov, .qt extensions) there are not many options. Usually you will have to install the QuickTime player but not everybody like that options. Now, there is a QuickTime Alternative. it support playing movie files that are stored on you computer as well as QuickTime content embedded in webpages. The QuickTime Browser plugin supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Mozilla. The QuickTime plugins include iPIX and QuickTimeVR.

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  • Firefox users world wide are getting organized to celebrate Firefox 1.0 with a full-page ad in The New York Times! An individual contribution of as little as $10 will get a contributors name in the ad.

    There are several ways for individuals, families & businesses to get involved. Join thousands of other Firefox users in this first-ever, user-led ad for a new open source product.

    Looking for details about this campaign, or have questions? Check out the Overview & FAQ page at Spread Firefox.

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  • Migration from ASP to PHP

    I just stumbled over this interesting article in the Linux Gazette about migration from ASP to PHP. If you didn’t do it already it’s time to start. Very interesting and helpful to anyone thinking about doing it.

    Winners declaired in Zend’s PHP 5 Coding Contest.

    First of all, congratulations to Qiang Xue, whose application ‘PRADO’ earned high votes both from the public and from the judges’ panel! There are 49 other prizewinning applications in the contest gallery. Some of them are ongoing projects, bringing PHP 5 a small armoury of useful open source tools. The top 50 applications will remain on display until the end of this year, giving the public a chance to take a leisurely look through the code and see how the new features in PHP 5 can be used.

    A special mention goes to MyObjects, a project that provides its own persistent object library and tools for generating classes directly from a MySQL database. A minor coding style issue was all that prevented the project from being one of the top prizewinners. The voters liked it too, and it ended up coming in 7th place.

    Top 10 winners:

    1) The PRADO Component Framework – By Qiang Xue
    An event-driven and component-based framework in PHP5
    2) wtcSQLite – By Andrew Gallant
    A powerful tool used to visually administrate SQLite databases
    3) LIMB – By Pacha Shevaev
    Content Managemen Framework with tree/OO based controller
    4) phpDocGen – By William Bailey
    PHP Class Documentation Tools
    5) Crafty – By Thomas Ilsche
    Crafty Compiling & Cascading Template Engine
    6) Magma – By Kai Meder
    MVC Framework
    7) MyObjects – By Erdinc Yilmazel
    Object Persistance Library and Class Generation Tools for Php 5 and MySql
    8) phpClick – By Jochen Rode
    phpClick is a web-based web application development tool targeted at nonprogrammers.
    9) PCubed – By Michael Gao
    Templated Image Gallery
    10) Zoom It! Photo Gallery – By Aldemar Bernal
    Zoom It! is a Gallery Software that uses a database(mysql, postgresql and sqlite support) to store information about albums, photos, users, news and commentaries.

    Some other noticeable projects are:

    *) Prime – By Eduardo Dias
    The PHP5 MVC Framework
    *) VSalbum 1.0 – By bourdon romain
    Photo album (resize generator)
    *) gallery758 – By Matt Kavanagh
    Fully templatable gallery system w/ multiple users and i18n
    *) SLAD – By Andrea Spacca
    SqLite ADmin
    *) ezSqliteAdmin – By Wenlong Wu
    The front-end administration tool for SQLite

    More projects can be found in Zend’s contest gallery.

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  • New ipod. Why so much?

    There are some new details about the new iPod coming out soon.

    It’s a 65k-color screen, 220 by 176 pixel resolution. Same click wheel as before. 15-hour battery life. In this version you will be able to see color pictures of the album played, and some other pictures as well, it seems. iTunes is upgraded to version 4.7, it will be able to auto-sync album art so you can see that while playing. Store up to 25,000 photos transferred through iTunes. It will support Adobe Album or Elements on the PC.

    But here’s the bad part, it will cost $500 for the 40GB version and $600 for the 60GB version. And the question is why? Why does it cost so much? Why does a music player, as cool as it might be, cost more than the high-end PDAs? Anyone have an answer to that?

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  • Firefox becomes Microsoft nightmare

    Om Malik writes in Business 2.0 About Microsoft’s Worst Nightmare coming true. Sounds like the future might be getting brighter really soon for the computing world. This is of course if the Firefox platform will really take off the way he predicts.

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  • Firefox poster

    I just saw this poster?! a few minutes ago at the lagoon5 blog and couldn’t help myself but post it here.

    There is something commanding and frightening about it. I’m not sure we (Firefox friends) really want Firefox associated with this semi-communist message but nevertheless I liked it at first glace so here it is.

    The really important message is that if you are using any browser other than Mozilla firefox, you should feel commanded and frightened. You are using a bad, insecure, slow, bloated, monopolistic browser (yeah that Internet Explorer for you). Take back the web with Firefox.

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