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Microsoft has been gauging public reaction to a possible ‘Xbox Next PC’ device, encompassing current and next-gen Xbox and PC software support and multimedia functionality.

Microsoft has been using a Californian market research group to conduct studies into the consumer appeal of a hybrid Xbox and PC gaming device, according to CNN/Money’s latest Game Over column.

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  • More Google bombs

    We are all familiar with the google bombs, while this may not be new, I thought I’ll post it down (write it down… does that work?) anyway. We all remember the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” search term that leaad to this funny page. For those of you who are not familiar with it type in “Weapons of Mass Destruction” into google search, click the “I’m feeling lucky” button and see for yourself.

    Another funny google bombs from recent days comes after Google’s board has allegedly ignored privacy acceptable standards with their new GMail service, launched on April 1st, it has become apparent that a considerable number of people wonder quite which planet Google executives are living on. I personally have no problem with robotic eyes scanning my messages for the sole purpose of posting content dependant ads next to them, as long as this is the only thing they do (but this is for another post). Type “out of touch executives” and it will bring up the Google Corporate Information page.

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  • Atari and Stormfront Studios, under license from Hasbro, Inc., have announced plans to develop Forgotten Realms®: Demon Stone™, an action adventure game set in the popular Dungeons & Dragons® world. Designed by Stormfront Studios, creators of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Demon Stone will now be available for the Xbox® videogame system from Microsoft in fall, 2004.

    Featuring a storyline developed by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, Demon Stone will also feature the extraordinary talents of actors Patrick Stewart and Michael Clarke Duncan, who will lend their voices to two prominent roles in the video game.

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  • New ZoneAlarm warns of viruses

    Security software maker Zone Labs updated its desktop firewall, adding new features that aim to block viruses. The antivirus features will be offered in the commercial version of its basic free product, Zone Alarm, and as part of a comprehensive security suite, said Fred Felman, vice president of marketing of Zone Labs, an independent division of security technology company Check Point Software Technologies.

    Zone Labs has licensed the antivirus technology from technology service provider Computer Associates International, which typically sells its product, eTrust Antivirus, to small and medium-size businesses.

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  • Apple divides the company in two

    Apple Computer confirmed that it is splitting the company into two divisions, one focused on the Mac and the other focused on iPod digital music player.

    An Apple representative confirmed the move, which was first reported on Wednesday in the New York Times. John Rubinstein, the senior vice president who currently heads all hardware development, will lead the new iPod division. Tim Cook, currently executive vice president of worldwide sales and operations, will be in charge of the new Mac division. Also, Tim Bucher, who currently heads Macintosh system development, was tapped to head Mac hardware engineering.

    The move comes as Apple’s business is increasingly focused on iPod and more generally on music. Last quarter, Apple said it sold more iPods than Macs – the first time that occurred. Apple sold more than 3 million iPods since its launch in October 2001.

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  • CSS properties reference

    Remember those times, while coding or designing when you need to define a specific property but just can’t remember the exact name or syntax? If you have memory shortages, you do. So just to make things easy, here is a quick reference to all CSS properties. If you design a CSS template you might want to take a peak here.

    Here is another useful reference. I may add a few more in the near future.

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  • Quicktime scrapped for iTunes?

    Anyone who went to Apple’s site to watch the trailer for the new Pixar movie ‘The Incredibles,’ might have noticed something interesting. Now instead of ‘Quicktime Required’, the site says ‘iTunes 4.5 Required.’. Quicktime is the codec library (and more) that happens to power iTunes, and is installed together with iTunes. But you don’t need iTunes to play Quicktime movies, you can use the Quicktime player for that. So whats behind Apple’s new move? Are they implying their future intensions?

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  • Hardened-PHP has been conceived

    Hardened-PHP is the first public patch for PHP which adds security hardening features. It is meant as a proactive approach to protect servers against known and yet unknown weaknesses within PHP scripts or the engine itself. It enforces restrictions on include statements, adds canary protection to allocated memory and other internal structures and protects against internal format string vulnerabilities. It has syslog support and logs every attack together with the originating ip. Hardened-PHP can be downloaded here.


    Canary protection – is a way to protect against buffer overflows. It inserts some known data on the stack, and before returning from each function call, make sure that data hasn’t been changed. Most buffer overflow exploits work by overwriting part fo the stack, and canary protection will detect that the stack has been changed, so the exploit code will not run.

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  • Opera releases a new version

    Opera Software released a new version (7.50) of its Web browser, an alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer favored by some advanced users. Why does advanced users do not use Mozilla, is beyond me, but they might have their own secretive reasons or they got burned by old versions of Netscape (for some, choosing a browser is an emotional decision). Opera 7.5, which includes a streamlined interface and adds support for RSS news feeds and Internet Relay Chat, sells for $39 or can be used in a free, ad-subsidized mode. It’s available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac and some other systems.

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  • Moving from movable type to WordPress

    Users of Moveable Type already know about the recent changes made to the free edition of the software and license. Now, you can have only ONE user, no more group blogging, no more guest posting. If you want of get the full version you need to shell out $69.95 and thats the introductory price the regular price will be $99.95 for personal use.

    I fully understand the wish of the Moveable Type developer to capital from his investment, but doe’s he think that private users will pay that much? Maybe the San Francisco fog has clouded his mind.

    Carthik Sharma has written an excellent guide for moving from Movable Type to WordPress. It walks you through step by step of downloading, installing, and understanding WordPress. I also like that it has pointers to a lot of documentation resources outside of